How is Preparing Wedding Music like Preparing Your Tax Return?

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I’m always helping people preparing wedding music.

Magnolia Jazz Band in Sonoma wedding ceremony, 2009
Here we are entertaining at a lovely wedding ceremony in Sonoma back in 2009.  Congrats Kim and Chris!

I think about wedding and party music often, but not always.

For example, I just asked a professional tax preparer about possible changes to the IRS. And this expert advised me, in her opinion of course, that the tax code is unlikely to get simpler.  When did the IRS, or Congress for that matter, ever make anything simpler?

Good point!

Originally my thought was spurred by the daily news reports of political revolutions overseas.  It’s as though people around the world are connecting on the internet, learning about life in more prosperous democratic nations, and overthrowing the governments that keep them subjugated.

Is this explanation too simple?

Anyway, I’m wondering if our own taxpayers will stage their own revolt against Congress and the IRS.  People who pay for our government’s services want a tax system that’s fair, easy to use, and delivers what it promises, don’t they?  No more, no less, right?

So this veteran tax preparer just gave me disappointing news. I hope she’s wrong, I think.  I’d like to see the current complexity simplified, even though changing the IRS code will create unexpected consequences, guaranteed.

Well, how bad can they be?

Thank goodness preparing wedding music can be so much simpler.

  • No complex regulations to administer and follow,
  • No complex calculations, record-keeping, and forms to complete and submit,
  • No temptation to procrastinate to the last minute,
  • No worrying about facing a threatening audit up to 3 years later,
  • No worrying about an expensive penalty for being wrong in any of a dozen ways.

Just find answers to some simple, straightforward questions, like

  • What’s my favorite music? — songs, styles, artists, instruments, etc,
  • Which highlights in my wedding day need music? — pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktails, luncheon or dinner, cake-cutting, dancing, farewell, etc,
  • What mood do I want the music to create at each highlight?
  • What musical aspects do I want my guests to remember?
  • What are my options for finding the music I want?
  • What recommendations do I receive? — from family, friends, caterers and facilities, professional planners and coordinators, musicians, etc,

You’ll find additional questions in other articles I’ve posted here.

So much for the differences.  Now, how is preparing wedding music like preparing your tax return?

Just one way I can think of:

With thoughtful preparation, and systematic effort, it’s easy to do a good job well.

This is a valuable tip, believe me.

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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Thanks for sharing. The tax year in the UK is coming up soon. Each year, I’m pleased to say that it’s easier to complete my tax return form online 🙂
Carol recently posted..Will you join me in the 30 Day PicMonkey Challenge?My Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Carol,
Does “easier to complete” mean less income? Hope not! Are your online tax forms using PicMonkey to make the job clearer and quicker?
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Feels Like Coming Home — A Tip for Staying on TargetMy Profile


Well, my taxes have always been pretty simple in the past. Who knows what will happen now that I’m blogging though… eek!
Brittany recently posted..How to Pray: Scripted vs Conversational PrayersMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Brittany,
I hope your taxes continue to be pretty simple. Was planning the music for your wedding just as simple?
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..A New Year Toast to YouMy Profile


I choose picking wedding or part music over taxes any day of the week! Great comparison!
Julie recently posted..5 Things Not to Say on Facebook When You Are Friends with Your ClientsMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Julie,
Wouldn’t it be nice if we always had that choice? 🙂
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Tips for Selecting Wedding Music and Party MusicMy Profile


Hey, that was a funny comparison, Robbie! I think choosing wedding music and doing taxes is somewhat similar in that the expert is going to find it easy to do 🙂 What do you think?
Delia recently posted..Why we haven’t commented on your blog yetMy Profile


Thanks, Delia,
Glad you enjoyed the comparison. Hopefully it sheds some new light on both preparing taxes and planning music. I agree, of course, that experts will always have an easier time of it, whatever their specialty.

This gets interesting, because I think everyone is an expert at SOMETHING. The challenge is for each of us to determine what our own “something” is, and to help people looking for that “something” find us.

Think so too?
Robbie recently posted..A New Year Toast to YouMy Profile

Lisa Mallis

Creative connection! I appreciate the “checklist” for how to create the best musical environment.
Lisa Mallis recently posted..A.W.E. Inspired – CompletionMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Hi Lisa,
Glad you like the checklist format. Such an effective way to present information and make it useful.
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Feelings About Music for Weddings and PartiesMy Profile


Robbie I don’t know why but everything concerning about weddings it’s so hard to choose. I still recall my wedding and was a nightmare. I wish I had so many tips like yours back them.

Keith Morgen

I appreciate your checklist describing the complex things in tax preparation and questions to ask before preparing wedding music. The complexity that a taxpayer has to face while doing tax preparation could be reduced if they consult with an expert. I always consult with my tax advisers from Pun & McGeady to help me with my tax filing tasks.


I select picking wedding or part of music over taxes any day that week! Great comparison! Thanks 🙂
Lyle recently posted..Federal Budget 2017: Proposed Tax Changes for Private Corporations in CanadaMy Profile


Thank you very much for sharing. Soon coming up the tax year in the UK. every year, I am glad to say that it’s easier to complete my tax return online forms…

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