How to Select Your Wedding and Party Music

Selecting your wedding or party music?  Get the music right! 

Because music touches peoples’ feelings, the right music will make every celebration perfect.  It creates the party’s mood, keeps it going, and highlights special features all along.

These suggestions come from my experience.  I’ve helped make thousands of special events memorable, entertaining since January 1975.

I’ve seen that by selecting the right music, the planner can always make any party successful.  It’s always true, whether the party needs to be one-of-a-kind or just-like-the-last-one.

If you’re a wedding coordinator or event planner, replace “you” with “your client” as you read:

How to begin:

Planning your own party’s music should be easy and fun.  Sure, you’ll make many decisions, but be systematic.  Take your time to make the music fit perfectly.

So, how do you select the right music for the perfect party?  Just ask the right questions.  They’ll help you find exactly what you want.

Ask yourself FIRST about the atmosphere you want to create.

Picture the mood you want for your guests.  Is it  Formal, elegant, and sophisticated?  Casual and mellow?  Upbeat and rousing?  Soft background for conversations?

Want a unifying theme for your event?  Keep that image in mind as you select your music.  And be sure you share your vision with everyone helping you plan.  Be specific.

And don’t plan just visually.  What do you want your party to sound like?

Research what’s available:

Depending on the mood you want, perhaps your heart is set on just one favorite musical style, or you’re open to combining a few different styles.  You might consider jazz, classical, top 40s, R&B, disco, mariachi, hip-hop, ethnic, or country.

Ask for recommendations:

  • Friends and Colleagues
  • Wedding Professionals (musicians, wedding coordinators, facilities, photographers, caterers, florists, decorators)
  • Wedding Magazines, Entertainment Agencies
  • Local Entertainment Listings (internet, newspapers, radio, TV)
  • Contact possible bands.  This is more than just asking “What’s your fee?”.  Focus on how they’ll make your celebration exactly what you want.

A few more points to check:

  • Speak with the musician who’ll actually lead your band.
  • Get a comfortable relationship with your band — be sure the “chemistry” is right.
  • Check their experience and get references.
  • Request a tune list and check their website for music samples and videos.
  • Hear a live performance whenever possible.
  • Other practical issues:
    • Can they act as MC?
    • Provide a PA system?
    • Provide music during their breaks?
    • Added fees for travel or overtime?


Thank goodness you can choose from dozens of popular musical styles.  The Magnolia Jazz Band entertains people with the popular standards, vintage jazz classics, and Latin favorites.  Ranging from an elegant trio to a swinging sextet, we jazz up hundreds of weddings and parties every year.

Many people share our musical preferences, but you might prefer something different.  Whichever musical styles you choose, when you search systematically you’ll select the right music to make your party perfect.

Now, please browse around our website to preview the fun you’ll enjoy with us.

Have any questions?  Email us right now.

Thank you for considering us, and best wishes for your celebration!

Robbie Schlosser