Planning My Garden and Planning Wedding Music

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I’m planning my garden already!  It’s been a mild winter around here, and I’ll be planting several weeks earlier than usual. 

I love gardening, and I’m already thinking about what should go where, and when, for the results I want.

Just like planning wedding music.  More about that in a minute.

Robbie Schlosser and tomatoes

My garden always boasts a few tomato plants.  Here I am last week, eagerly looking over my options for setting out tomato seedlings.

These “love apples” are the world’s most widely grown vegetable (fruit, actually).  I love growing tomatoes, and planning my garden begins with choosing the best ones.

I can select from hundreds of varieties of tomatoes.  Easily a dozen of them will give me what I want, when I want it.  Though planning my garden isn’t easy, I have an exciting time sorting through the possibilities.

Just like planning the music to liven up a wedding celebration.  Or a festive party.  Or a sedate business reception.

The band entertains people at wedding and parties all the time.  I’m always helping brides-to-be and event planners select the perfect music for their affairs.

Are you already planning the music for your next celebration?  I’ve written many articles describing useful approaches for planning your music.  Here, read one of my favorites.

Here’s a tip:  Whatever your occasion calls for, begin with considering what mood you want, and when, and then examine all your musical options for creating that mood.

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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Linda Ursin

I start planning my new garden before the growth season is over 🙂
Linda Ursin recently posted..April Creativity ChallengeMy Profile


Thanks Linda,
Congratulations! Any time is a good time to benefit from growing a garden. Are you talking about LAST YEAR’S growing season or THIS YEAR’S? Just asking…
Robbie recently posted..How is Preparing Wedding Music like Preparing Your Tax Return?My Profile

Linda Ursin

I started planning this year before the end of last summer 🙂
Linda Ursin recently posted..Having a bad day? Just create!My Profile

Emily Wilke

I love the analogy you choose for this post. Even though I don’t garden or play music, I can understand a little more of your process. Very informative! Thank you.
Emily Wilke recently posted..Outfit Accessorized: Yellow Splash NecklaceMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Emily,
Glad you enjoyed this article. People tell me that this is a useful process, no matter where you apply it. Not the only useful process, of course, but a good one.
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..I Help People CelebrateMy Profile


I am planning garden and vegetable garden with my daddy, of my fav is basil: great to see in its perfect green, a lovely aroma and the main ingredient of a special sauce! enjoy your garden ! p.s. I started following you on Pinterest and Twitter and Linkedin. Hope you will follow me back!

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Clara,
Glad you’re enjoying your garden. Ahhh… Pesto! And thanks for all the follows.
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Feelings About Music for Weddings and PartiesMy Profile

Lisa Mallis

Jealous, jealous, jealous that you’ve had a mild winter and can start planning your garden now. We had 4 inches of snow last night – and I’m in Ohio (Zone 5). Sometimes I wonder if I will EVER get to see my beautiful blooming flowers!
Lisa Mallis recently posted..AWE Inspired – LimitsMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Lisa,
Good luck with all that snow. I feel your pain, having lived in & around Buffalo, NY for enough years to acquire my life’s quota of cold weather. Summer is bound to happen any day now. Hang in there!
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..The Band in Action Makes Your Party Memorable.My Profile


I can’t even think about planting a garden yet, as I just went on a hike through snow and ice this morning, haha.

Love the analogy with planning music. I agree it’s so hard to decide from so many possibilities… But easy for the expert, right? 😉
Delia recently posted..4 questions to ask yourself before moving from Blogger to WordPressMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Delia,
Glad you’re enjoying all that snow and ice. I did once, but then I wised up. As far as what an expert can do, IMHO it depends, but I don’t think making decisions is any easier. Wherever our expertise lies, we usually understand more options and consequences more clearly. Often enough these finer points make ALL the difference, you know?
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Feels Like Coming Home — A Tip for Staying on TargetMy Profile


My mouth’s watering just thinking of a perfect August tomato straight from the garden. Yum! I guess it is time to start planning for those beauties!

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks Laura,
Are you planning a garden too? Happy gardening! August is a great time to harvest tomatoes, and if we grow smaller varieties we might manage a few in July! Are you trying this?
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Tips for Selecting Wedding Music and Party MusicMy Profile


I wish I could start my own garden someday! but to be honest I don’t thinks I have the skills to do so 🙁
Remy recently posted..Letters of the Alphabet Animal Edition Part TwoMy Profile

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks, Remy,
Glad you like this post. I bet you have all the skills you need to begin. Just take one step at a time…
Robbie Schlosser recently posted..Feels Like Coming Home — A Tip for Staying on TargetMy Profile

Krista Cioba

Thank you so much for the advice. Like a few of your readers, I found most this really a piece of insightful information on Amazing Halloween crafts. Thank you again!!

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