Robbie Schlosser, of Magnolia Jazz Band – short bio

Robbie Schlosser, with the Magnolia Jazz Band  2011Thank you for visiting!

Hi, I’m Robbie Schlosser, an inspired jazzman playing my way through life, and loving it!

I’m glad you’re here, and I look forward to talking with you soon.  In the meantime, let me introduce myself.

I make a living going to parties, helping people enjoy their landmark celebrations — weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holiday parties, banquets, you name it!

With over 30 years’ experience at thousands of events, I’ve learned what it takes to get people into the swing of things and have a great time.  I hope we’ll have an opportunity to help you one of these days.

Thanks to many long-time friends and clients, I perform somewhere nearly every day, and I manage the band’s business. Any day, you can find me playing string bass at an elegant wedding, a spirited party, or a formal business function.

The San Francisco Bay Area traditionally boasts plenty of wonderful musicians and lots of parties, and I learned early that I preferred local work to life “on the road”.  Our fans love it, too — read some glowing testimonials from happy brides.

Thanks for reading.  Find it interesting?  Please read Robbie’s longer biography.  More details and juicier!