Last minute party? How to plan the music.

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Magnolia Jazz Band in Santa ClaraLast minute party in the works?

LOTS of events — especially holiday parties — are being planned at the last minute.

It feels like a last minute world these days.

Are YOU prepared to organize a special event with just a few days’ notice?

I’ll recommend a handy tip to help you succeed.  Read on.

Every day another colleague tells me about another last minute party.

And we’re seeing plenty, too.

For lots of reasons that never came up 20 years ago.

And they all relate to everyone’s greater economic uncertainty today.

It reminds me of this useful tip I recommend for planning last minute party music.  Whenever time is crucial, contact the experienced professionals.

I wrote about hiring the pros a few years ago, and this is a good time to remember that advice.

But first, a few observations.  Twenty years ago, people would contact us an average of 5 months ahead of their date.

This year, weddings and parties are calling us anywhere from 12 months to 2 days ahead.  The average has been 2 months in advance.

From what I hear, it usually comes down to budget.  All of us — companies and people — have to make our dollars go farther these days, as we take care of our expenses.  The balance is tight, and the inevitable last minute shifts in our expenses ripple through our entire budget.

Especially in the coming holiday season, these shifts might allow us to create a last minute party or force us to make a last minute cancellation.

In addition, today’s tighter economy has many of us working more hours.  So hosts and guests have less free time available for a last minute party.

Making things even more difficult, facilities book up early, so unless you’re planning to celebrate at home, you have few options.  If someone else has to cancel their reservation at a favorite place, you’ll hope to be already at the top of the “waiting list”.  At which time you’ll find yourself making last minute party arrangements.

When you’re arranging your own last minute party, that’s the best time to get help from pros.  Not only professional musicians, but also planners, caterers, florists, DJs, photographers, decorators — whatever job you need done perfectly and quickly.

Professionals bring you years of on-the-job experience and special training. They’ll save you time and energy.  They’ll answer your questions, offer suggestions, and guide you through the best choices.  They’ll make your celebration exactly what you want.

Often a last minute party will call for special music — for highlights or for setting the mood.  I always help the host plan the most appropriate music.  Our conversation might involve anywhere from a few minutes to over a week of searching for the perfect selections.

Bottom line: Planning music for a last minute party can feel daunting if you’ve never done it before.  But it can be easy when you work with an experienced pro.

How about YOU? Are you ready to organize a last minute party?


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Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A.

One should also recognize that last minute “planning”  (better known as ad hoc filling as best one can) often costs more – much more… with a potential drop in quality choices available.

Robbie Schlosser

Thanks, Roy.  How true!  At the last minute, choices are usually very limited and expenses can be much greater.  But as I suspect you know first-hand, experienced professionals in any field are often able to uncover hidden choices and find ways to make them more economical.  Can you verify this?

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