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Holiday Party Entertainment – San Francisco Bay Area

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Holiday party entertainment fills my days, nearly every day.  Of course not every day is Valentines’ Day, Fourth of July, or New Year’s Eve, but every day is a holiday for someone, somewhere here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Magnolia Jazz Band will be there with the perfect music.

Magnolia Jazz Band in RichmondQuestion: Why are these men smiling?  Answer: They’re helping people celebrate a holiday last October 7.  What holiday falls on October 7, you ask?

Let me explain.  Strictly speaking, any holiday is time off from work, and people usually devote this time to leisure and celebration.  Since 1975, my job has been providing music to help people enjoy their holidays, whether these celebrations are called weddings, birthday parties, picnics, festivals, or banquets.

See where I’m going with this?  I’m using a broad definition of “holiday”, to include just about every special event.  Not just the dozen or so particular dates you see marked on most calendars as official holidays.

Can you describe your own mission so clearly?  Let’s hope so.  It’s crucial.

Just as an exercise, try this yourself.  No matter how you make your living, consider for a moment broadening the definition of your own activities.  How would your life change if you enlarged the scope of your ambition just a little bit?  Try making one of your own goals a bit more general, and imagine how your life changes as a result.

Not that you’d want to attempt to be all things to all people, of course, but you might find it illuminating to think about how your current “target” is limiting you.  Got all your eggs pretty much in just one basket?  Even if you’re the recognized expert authority in your field, does that field reliably provide what you want, or is your life “feast or famine”?  Just thinking about your mission can’t hurt.  Might help.

In other words, how we describe our mission focuses our perspective — and can either create or limit our opportunities. Let’s be thoughtful about defining our intentions and the words we use.  My mother used to urge the kids to be careful about burning bridges behind us.  Good advice.

Back to “holidays”.  These days, you’ll hear people refer to the time between Thanksgiving and New Years Day as the “holiday season”.  Not necessarily so, in my book, any more than those wedding and event professionals who declare the “wedding season” over sometime in October.  True, there are probably more June brides than December brides, but people still get married every day, and for them and their wedding guests, THAT day is a holiday.  And I want to bring music to help them celebrate.

Magnolia Jazz Band in HealdsburgLet me show you two of our recent holiday celebrations.  Here we are last August 21, providing an elegant background to a lovely wedding in Healdsburg, CA.

Congratulations to Kate and Ross, and thanks for visiting the SF Bay Area and taking your wonderful photos, Chris Halford and Rachel Kuzmik.Magnolia Jazz Band in Healdsburg

Magnolia Jazz Band in RichmondAnd here we are last October 7, when Northern California Meetings + Events magazine held a gala celebration to announce their “Readers’ Choice” awards for the “best” special event professionals in several dozen categories, and we created the perfect festive atmosphere all evening.

Here we’re onstage, playing “walk-on” music for the presentations.  See a list of the winners.  Each one deserves their victory.  Know any of them? Thanks for your stunning photos, Robert Valdes.

Every day, I’m talking with people planning music for ALL kinds of holiday celebrations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  If we can ever help you, please call us at 408-245-9120.

Please visit for testimonials, music samples, videos, photos, and our public schedule, and catch us at an event soon.  Our next PUBLIC appearances are on Tuesday, October 26, at a benefit party in Campbell for “Breast Cancer Awareness”; on Thursday, October 28, at the “Corporate Party Planners’ Party”, in San Jose; and on Thursday, November 4, at a benefit dinner party in San Jose for the “San Jose Family Shelter”.  See details for these events on our website.

In the meantime, please join our Facebook “fans”, and you’ll get a reminder for each of our public events.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Please take a moment to SHARE this post, SUBSCRIBE, and send me a COMMENT.

Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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Meanwhile, the Magnolia Jazz Band entertains at weddings and parties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are ever nearby, you’ll love catching us in action, seeing and hearing us create a great mood.

How can I help you? Call 408-245-9120 or use Planning a celebration? Ask about our availability.

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