Business Networking for San Francisco Weddings and Parties

by Robbie Schlosser

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Business networking creates beneficial partnerships.  Are you using it?  Put simply, it’s an opportunity for colleagues to develop good working relationships.

Yes, I realize people band together for many reasons other than getting to work together, but for me — and perhaps you, too — business networking has been crucial for staying in business.  Is your experience similar?

For many years, the Magnolia Jazz Band has been active in numerous business networking groups.  These range from national associations with thousands of members to just a dozen like-minded friends here in town.  The benefits have been so outstanding, it’s hard to imagine any successful business failing to keep in touch with colleagues this way.

For example, here I am last Monday evening, at a small business networking meeting for wedding and party professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Some big networking groups I attend feature fine meals, elegant facilities, and educational programs at their meetings.  Others, like this one, take place in a modest conference room at a local restaurant.

Robbie Schlosser in San JoseLast Monday about a hundred of us — including wedding coordinators, caterers, florists, photographers, musicians, and  decorators — met for three hours to chat over cocktails and appetizers.  Naturally we spoke about business and how we could work together, and we also traded personal stories, to get to know each other better.  Here and there, eager newcomers learned something new from more experienced veterans.  Moving about the room, we all tried to say hi to everyone.  Here I’m chatting with wedding photographers Mike & Gina Steelman (Mike Steelman Photography) and dessert caterers Rachael & Kyle Meyers (Sweet Tooth Confections).  Thank you for the wonderful photo, Rachel Kumar.

Wherever you are, networking opportunities abound.  However you make a living, you should easily be able to locate nearby professional associations, large and small.  They can focus on a single profession or include all varieties of businesses.  They can meet morning, noon, or night.  Weekly, monthly, or quarterly.  Attend a few of these meetings, and you’ll meet people whose services you need and who need your services.  Or products.  And the better you forge your relationships, the more likely they’ll think of you again next time.

See how this works?  The main (probably the only) rule is to offer help generously, and you’ll find it coming back to you.  And if you can’t locate a group that exactly suits your purposes, you can create it yourself.  Gather a few friends and form your own small local networking group.  You can include present and prospective clients.  You can include other colleagues in your own line of work.  You can include people in related lines of work or people who share similar interests.

Once again, the whole idea is to create a situation where people can develop good working relationships.

One way or another, with Facebook and Twitter, in email, on the telephone, or of course face-to-face at these networking events, I’m talking with people planning music for their celebrations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  If we can ever help you, please call us at 408-245-9120.

Please visit for testimonials, music samples, videos, photos, and our public schedule, and catch us at an event soon.  Our next PUBLIC appearances are on Thursday, November 4, at at a benefit dinner party in San Jose for the “San Jose Family Shelter”, and on Thursday, November 25, at the Mountain Winery’s annual “Thanksgiving Feast”, in Saratoga.  See details for these events on our website.

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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