Steve Jobs’ Lessons for Wedding or Party Music

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs taught all of us by example.

I’ve read dozens of tributes to Steve Jobs, and it’s astonishing to learn how his example influenced so many of us in so many different ways.

Although I never met him, Steve Jobs taught me something important about entertaining at a wedding or a party.  I’ll describe that in a moment.  First, a little background.

In the weeks following his death, all the media were filled with tributes to Jobs.  I saw only a tiny fraction, I’m sure.  Each one seemed to focus on just a few of his many skills — for example,

  • how he understood sales and marketing,
  • or how he appreciated the beauty of simplicity,
  • or how he got the best out of the people he worked with,
  • or his relentless determination to get things right

— as a springboard to considering his all his marvelous accomplishments.  He mastered many skills and focused them all sharply on every project he managed.

His amazing charisma created devoted loyalty and admiration.  Since the mid 1980s, I’ve been included among the enthusiastic users of Apple’s creations.

What have I learned about a wedding or a party from Steve Jobs and Apple?  For me, it’s a sense of balance between technology and aesthetics.

What makes a technical marvel productive, easy, and fun to use?  It’s not just the power, but also the elegance, how using it appeals to our senses, and all the ways it delights us.

How it feels, looks, and sounds.  What it reminds us of and how it makes us feel.

How does this apply to the Magnolia Jazz Band right now?

That’s easy. I’ve learned to balance our musical technique and how we make people feel.  We practice this “balancing” every time we play, improving every day.

Before the celebration, I help people plan their music, and I keep their focus on music they and their guests will enjoy.  Our goal is to create the perfect atmosphere with their favorite songs.

Whether I’m entertaining at a wedding or a party, Steve Jobs’ example reminds me to stay sharply aware of not only how well we perform, but also how the guests enjoy the festivities.  More than just noticing that they’re having a nice time, I’m careful that the mood we create feels exciting, delightful, and fun for everyone.

Just like we feel whenever we use a Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

Finding this balance of technique and aesthetics helps each of us.  How do YOU watch the balance in whatever you do?

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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Vicki Dello Joio

When my partner came into my home office where I was working and told me that Jobs had dided, I felt a piercing pain in myheart. It’s odd to feel somehow connected to this legendary man who I did not know at all. But I think my keen sense loss had to do with the ways in which he held his focus on what inspired him and in so doing inspired so many of us. Apple innovations and their wedding of technology and design aesthetics seems born out of that grit. I too have been a happy user of Mac products since the Mac CLassic first came out. I love how you speak to looking for that kind of balance within the world of music. I thin there is also something about how that technology (or music technique) would not have the same impact without the artistry of the work itself and the art would not be properly served without a high level of use-ability (or musical ability/technique.)

Rachel Grant

Thanks for the reminder that balancing aesthetics and technique can be applied to so many different realms .. I think I’ll spend some time reflecting on how this might apply to my writing!


It was quite a shock to me when I heard that Steve Jobs had died, even though I also knew that the cancer he had was so devastating…it just happened so quickly. It is amazing how much he influenced and shaped our world and so many of the people in our world. I really enjoyed learning how he has had an influence on you and how you entertain at your customers’ events…it is so very appealing to me to understand how you approach the aesthetics as well as the nuts and bolts of what you do and how you enhance each of the weddings or other celebrations you play at. I am hoping that when (and if!) my daughter gets married she will be willing to meet with you and learn how you could make her special day even more magical!

Judy Stone-Goldman

From what I’ve read, Steve Jobs considered some aspects of technology quite beautiful–he didn’t exactly make a difference in his mind between technology and aesthetics! And he believed in the inside of a product as beautiful, not just the outside. It’s a really powerful way of thinking. You are so right–he understand a balance, that it wasn’t enough to make a beautiful product, but his products had to be beautiful. This is a really great way to take his ideas and apply it to your music, the way you are talking about the technique and music vs. the mood and the enjoyment.

Judy Stone-Goldman
The Reflective Writer
Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing

Jaspreet K. Mundeir

My husband is an Apple lover, so in the past week I’ve read a lot about Steve Jobs and how he pushed himself and his employees to produce cutting edge products.  Aesthetically pleasing, innovative design of products that were simple to use, Steve Jobs mastered it.  And he pushed his competitors to excel as well.  As he tried to achieve a balance between tech and aesthetics, I try to help my patients achieve that balance they are looking for in their lives.  A balance between a hectic lifestyle and a healthy diet.  Simplicity of meals and simplicity in treatment plans so that they can achieve their health goals.   

Jeannie Shea

“Marriage between technology and aesthetics”.  Steve Jobs certainly was past master at that. And I like how you relate it to your own field, that it’s not all about technique, but how people are feeling and responding to your band.

Julieanne Case

For me, I need to watch the balance between what feeds my soul and what needs to be done that requires left brain work. I need to be sure to let myself take the time to meditate, write and paint.  I’ve ignored that part or not allowed myself to do that for too long.

Julieanne Case
Always from the heart!

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Kirk Zacharda

I start each day with meditation and turn the days work over to my Source and realize I am only the instrument that is performing it. If for some reason I am not able to spend enough time communing the day feels out of balance and scattered almost like a disconnect, when my connection is made the day is filled with harmony and doors open for me easily and a balanced day unfolds for me. Do you ever find yourself scattered and feeling anxious during the day, try taking a moment to be still and listen to the silence it may bring balance.

Wendee Neilson

Robbie-  This must be perfect timing for me to be reading your blog and trying to learn to balance my life.  It seems that is something that I struggle with contantly, not because I am disconnected but lving with chronic illness it has been a challenge in trying to make a living, exercise, resting and self-care.  I never rested before, so allowing myself a lot of down time I find myself thinking what can I do instead because somewhere I still think it’s not productive, but in my reality, it’s taking time to honor myself and using that down time for me.  A little selfish, but I use my downtime to meditate and think of possibilities.  Great blog.  I can hear your enthusiasm and it must bring you great joy to see how it makes other feels. 

Pat Zahn

What a great concept Robbie – not only performing our best with the best techniques but noting how the listener (customer) responds. For me, it’s easy to get caught up in “how wonderful I am” (or the wonderful information I’m presenting) but I need to be ever mindful of my customers and what they need.

Rowena Starling

Watching the balance in what I do is crucial now that I’m cultivating 2 businesses instead of one.  I’m really just sorting through my tasks to see where the priorities are.  Balance will be achieved once all groundwork is laid and priorities are clear.

Laurie Hurley

Having four businesses, finding the balance is so important. Technology, people skills, writing skills – all the stuff that makes my world go ’round has just become almost routine now for me. Nice mentions about Mr. Jobs.


I have yet to own any Apple products and some how only just heard the name Steve Jobs this past week, but he sure was a great man it seems!  Lots of great advice and wise words, a man of many talents.

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