Can Great Wedding Music Ideas Flow From Wine?

by Robbie Schlosser

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Robbie Schlosser in San Jose, 2010Are you searching for great wedding music?

Get creative.

Experts agree that sipping a little alcohol can enhance romance and creativity.  I’m a fan of all three.

See?  My thanks to wonderful photographer, Rachel Kumar.  We met at a networking cocktail party, of all places.  Imagine that!

More about another networking event in a moment.

Nearly every day, I help people plan the music for their weddings and parties, and I’ve been thinking about creativity all morning.  Searching for great wedding music surely benefits when we stimulate our creativity.  The same applies to hunting for party music ideas.

Haven’t we all experienced loosened inhibitions after sipping a glass of wine?  Conversations flow more freely.  We’re more expressive and more eager to explore fresh suggestions.

This openness is a perfect  attitude to have whenever you search for music.  Great wedding music, for example.

I’m not suggesting that we throw the traditional wedding music ideas to the wind.  Just consider adding a novel twist to them.  And freeing up your imagination a bit might be a great help.

And I’m certainly not recommending “more is better”.  When it comes to wine, there’s definitely a line between “doing” it and “overdoing” it.  If you’re considering ideas for great wedding music, you want to BE creative.  You won’t want to only FEEL creative!

Why am I thinking about wine and creativity?

Well, this evening I’ll be attending my monthly meeting of the National Association of Catering & Events (NACE).  I’ve been an active member of the Silicon Valley chapter since 1993, and I always like to begin each meeting with a glass of wine.


At every meeting, I find myself in a roomful of special event professionals.  These are colleagues I work with all the time, and we always share ideas about working together. What each of us provides, what we need, and all the ways we can make collaborating go smoothly.

There’s always a great deal of “comparing notes” and brainstorming.  I feel strongly that our little glasses of wine lubricate our conversations and help us create fruitful exchanges.

In other words, we “get the juices flowing to get the juices flowing”.

Of course wine is not always a sure-fire answer, but for me at these networking meetings it works well.  I always leave each NACE meeting with several new leads and a ton of fresh new ideas — often about great wedding music.

Your turn.  How do YOU like to turn your creativity up a notch?

So here’s a tip for finding great wedding music.  When it’s appropriate, brainstorm with a little glass of wine.


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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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