Good Conversation Skills for Wedding and Party Music

by Robbie Schlosser · 6 comments

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A good conversation creates a memorable wedding or party.

The more I attend these celebrations, the more I’m convinced that the whole point often depends on how well each guest enjoys a good conversation there.

Of course ALL the details for these events count.  This includes EVERYTHING — the catering, theme, attire, toasts, make-up, music, decor, facility, photography, flowers, and all the rest.

As I see it, everyone’s mission is to help all the guests — especially the guests of honor — stay in such a wonderful mood that every good conversation is bound to create a golden memory.

Robbie Schlosser with Magnolia Jazz Band in Palo Alto,  2012Personally, I love a good conversation.  As I march through life, I usually get wherever I’m going by talking with people.  I’m always talking during my daily interactions with friends, colleagues, and clients.

Especially when I’m “on the job”, providing wedding music and party music.  For example, we recently entertained at a wonderful open house reception.

A new law office opened in Palo Alto, and all the resident attorneys and many of their colleagues attended.  Here I am, chatting with one of the guests before we began playing.  Thanks for the great photo, Chris Schmauch, talented craftsman at Goodeye Photography.

I’m frequently in rooms like that, filled with animated conversations from beginning to end.  Like salesmen, journalists, educators, and many others, these attorneys make a living by talking with people.  And they’re very good at it.  For them the art and skill of holding a good conversation is an occupational necessity.

I’m in that boat, too, enjoying ongoing conversations everywhere.

When I first contact a client, we begin a continuing conversation that ultimately covers all the details of their celebration, especially about planning the perfect music.

At the celebration, guests are always chatting with us about about the party, as well as their favorite music, musicians they admire, or their own experiences playing music.

In addition, my conversations with colleagues are crucial.  We all rely on each other to do a perfect job, so we’re sure to confirm all the loose ends that need to be tied up.

For me, good conversations are wonderful settings for helping people plan wedding music and party music.  For you (bride-to-be, party planner, event professional, and everyone else), you’ll find that a good conversation is a wonderful setting for communicating practically anything.

What’s the bottom line?  Maybe because I love a good conversation, I recommend we all polish our ability for conducting our own good conversation.

Your turn.  Do you rely on good conversation skills?  Tell me about it.


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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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Rochelle Wilson

The art of conversation is a remarkable thing. I think creating an environment where conversations spring up naturally is as important as any other element in party planning. Thanks for providing good food for thought.
Peace and good to you.


Robbie Schlosser

Thanks, Chelle.  Glad you enjoy this post.  I’m talking here about party music, but this perspective applies nearly everywhere, doesn’t it?  In my opinion, our ambition ought to be the long-term “what-best-serves-the-situation”, rather than the short-term “what’s-in-it-for-me”.  Do you agree?


Vicki Dello Joio

I love the idea that ultimately all the planning and details and ambience are basically a set up for connection, for people exchanging ideas, energy, sharing and delighting in company. It seems that it might impact stress levels greatly to remember that is the goal rather than some kind of “perfect” event.


Robbie Schlosser

 Thanks, Vicki.  Glad you like this idea.  And it so clearly relates to the stress levels you’ve been talking about, too. 

It applies to most everything we do, I think.  Why do we get so worked up about all our little details, when the whole point is to successfully serve a grander purpose?

Hey, talk about “woo-woo”… 🙂


Cheryl McDonald

HI Robbie,
Conversations are very important to me. That is probably the thing I love the most about showing my artwork, either in the gallery or at an exhibit. I love hearing what people see in my paintings and photographs. Often they see things that I didn’t. At the gallery I learn about other cultures, locations and things that people are discovering about my own location that I didn’t already know. A sale begins with a conversation and more importantly so do friendships!


Robbie Schlosser

Thanks, Cheryl.  

Glad you like this post, and you find that conversations open so many windows.  Your photos are easily worth a thousand words, which emerge in conversations.  NICE!


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