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Blogging Tips for Planning Music are easy to find.

Google can help you find thousands of them online, and I’ve contributed plenty! Especially for planning music at weddings and parties in the San Francisco Bay Area.  See Planning Wedding Music, Planning Party Music, and Planning Music for an Elegant Party.

You can easily find Tips for Planning Music in websites and in blogs.  Both are great sources of helpful information, and in my opinion, blogs are becoming increasingly useful.  In a unique way:

We can leave comments and questions for the authors.  They and their readers can reply back to us.  In addition, we can read and reply to other comments on the blog, so all the blog’s readers can engage at a deeper level.

Kitai_and_Stacie_TamakiHere’s an example.  This is my friend Stacie Tamaki, one of my favorite bloggers. (Photo of Kitai and Stacie taken from her blog, thanks.)  Stacie writes The Flirty Blog, and San Francisco BayList recently voted her the “Best Local Blogger” in the SF Bay Area.

She is setting a fine example, and her blog frequently touches many topics.  These include “living in the San Francisco Bay Area, entrepreneurial suggestions for small business owners, wedding and event ideas, lots of food posts”, and more.

Stacie’s loyal readers (me included) often leave comments for her, and she always replies with imagination and more information.  I love reading whatever she writes about.  Her subjects often relate to music, weddings, and parties, though not directly about tips for planning music.

Yet…  Maybe one of these days…

Now, let me tell you a story.  Several years ago, when I first got active with Facebook, I accepted a challenge to post 25 interesting things about me.  The project took some time, and I’m glad I did it.

Some of those 25 turned out to be pretty interesting, then and now, and I’m glad that was the closest I ever came to playing a Facebook game.  That’s a sure-fire time-waster.

Several of those items now suggest good blogging tips for planning music at a wedding or a party.  Here’s one of them:  Back in February 2009, I wrote:

Reading. I’ve always loved reading. I consider a book as a conversation with the author. Whether writing fact or fiction, he has something to tell me, and I always learn something new. Sometimes I “speed-read” (run my finger down the center of a page in a second, glimpse a few words on either side of my finger, and gather the sense of the story.) Other times I chew on a single page for hours. Do you have both kinds of conversations, too?

I was praising reading (for recreation, inspiration, and information), but at that time, reading was only a one-way “conversation”.  Like a phone call where you can only listen, but not speak.

Nowadays, blogs and their comments create two-way conversations, and more.  So if you seek tips for planning music at your wedding or your next party, searching is now MUCH more fruitful than just a few years ago.

Here’s a tip:  When you’re planning wedding or party music and looking for help, read a few blogs on the topic and leave a comment or a question on every one.  Then expect a reply from the blog’s author and probably a few readers.


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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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” though not directly about tips for planning music.  Yet… ”

We will have to do something about this Robbie! 😀 Your blog is such a great resource I could probably glean bits and pieces from past posts but would rather do a sit down interview with you when you have the time!

Thanks for the feature in your blog post. I really do appreciate it.

Listen To Jazz Music

People ALWAYS need music for weddings, parties and receptions. I’ve played the piano at a number. Planning a music event is a huge task as well. Nice info.

Jazz Songs

Robbie Schlosser

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your comment.  Glad you enjoyed my blog.  I agree with you — planning music can be huge, but it’s not difficult if you work systematically and know what you’re doing.  Just like planning anything.  By the way, I enjoyed visiting your website just now.  You’re doing a great job “spreading the word”.

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