Why American Standard Songs “Make” Your Celebration

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Frank SinatraHow many songs do you know?

I mean ANY songs, not just the American Standard Songs that Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, and many more specialized in.

I know hundreds of songs, easily. You, too?

When I asked a dozen friends, this quickly became a much more interesting question: “What makes a song memorable?”

Well, it’s complicated, I’m sure, but for a start we agreed it must include the melody, harmony, lyrics, what songs you already know, and what songs you enjoyed when you were young.

There’s something universal about remembering songs. Everyone does it, and whoever you ask will have some particular style they remember best.

How about you? For many Americans living today, one favorite style emerged in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s.

Think of all those big dance bands, Hollywood movies, and Broadway musicals. Think of “It Had to be You” (1924), “Stardust” (1929), “Georgia on my Mind” (1930), “Embraceable You” (1930), “As Time Goes By” (1931), “I’ve Got the World on a String” (1933), “Blue Moon” (1934), “My Funny Valentine” (1937), “Over the Rainbow” (1939), “White Christmas” (1942), and hundreds more.

Year after year now, contemporary artists revive many of these old standards with a freshness that appeals to today’s listeners. Still, there’s a timeless quality in the best of these songs, which is why they’re called “Standards”, and I wrote about these popular standards recently.

And every year one or two new songs outlive the “fad” stage, and join the ranks of these universally popular gems. Think of “Unforgettable” (1951), “Satin Doll” (1958), “Moon River” (1961), “Girl from Ipanema” (1964), “Yesterday” (1965), and “Spanish Eyes” (1965) to name just a few.

We specialize in bringing these lovely old standards to today’s parties. We’ve found they’ll create the right mood for any special event, whether it’s a formal business banquet, a sophisticated, romantic reception, or a lively, casual soiree. Guests relax with familiar music. They can chat comfortably or dance the night away.

Is a significant event coming up in your life? Throw a party, hire a band, and sing your favorite song. It’ll probably be one of these “Standards”.

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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