Nearly every day, I help people planning party music and wedding music.  And then my band creates the perfect music at these celebrations.

I’m so lucky to make a living this way!

Magnolia Jazz Band Does Planning Party Music Depend on Good Luck?Recently I got lucky a different way.  Here I am, winning a bottle of wine at a networking meeting for special event pros.  Thanks for this happy photo to my friend Harrell Harris.

Dumb luck?  Maybe, but I DID buy more raffle tickets than most people there.

It’s nice to be lucky with wine, of course, but I’m far happier entertaining people with my music.  When our music makes these parties and weddings successful, is it because we’re just lucky?

Well, yes.  But not entirely.

Sure, we have the skills.  We have years and years of experience. We’ve learned what it takes to bring these festivities to life.  Whether the event’s mood is upbeat, casual, elegant, formal, or anything else, we help everyone there get in the swing of things and have a memorable time.

But it’s like one of my favorite sayings: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

It’s more than just skills.  At every event, we create conditions to let lucky breaks happen, and we’re alert to catch them.  Often they arrive as roadblocks.

So here’s a tip when you’re planning party music or wedding music.  Recognize obstacles as opportunities to get lucky.  Be bold and apply a creative solution.  Buy some more raffle tickets.


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I’m planning my garden already!  It’s been a mild winter around here, and I’ll be planting several weeks earlier than usual. 

I love gardening, and I’m already thinking about what should go where, and when, for the results I want.

Just like planning wedding music.  More about that in a minute.

Magnolia Jazz Band Planning My Garden and Planning Wedding Music

My garden always boasts a few tomato plants.  Here I am last week, eagerly looking over my options for setting out tomato seedlings.

These “love apples” are the world’s most widely grown vegetable (fruit, actually).  I love growing tomatoes, and planning my garden begins with choosing the best ones.

I can select from hundreds of varieties of tomatoes.  Easily a dozen of them will give me what I want, when I want it.  Though planning my garden isn’t easy, I have an exciting time sorting through the possibilities.

Just like planning the music to liven up a wedding celebration.  Or a festive party.  Or a sedate business reception.

The band entertains people at wedding and parties all the time.  I’m always helping brides-to-be and event planners select the perfect music for their affairs.

Are you already planning the music for your next celebration?  I’ve written many articles describing useful approaches for planning your music.  Here, read one of my favorites.

Here’s a tip:  Whatever your occasion calls for, begin with considering what mood you want, and when, and then examine all your musical options for creating that mood.

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I Help People Celebrate

by Robbie Schlosser

What will you celebrate today?  I hope it’s memorable.  Will you include music?

On her birthday, a friend recently posted on Facebook:
“THANK YOU one and all for the Bday luv.   I’m a firm believer in the idea that the older you get the more you should celebrate, so thanks so much for adding your voices to my day of CELEBRATION!”

Great idea, I thought, so I replied: “Agreed, Lisa! The older you get, the more you have that’s worth celebrating.”

I could have added that music always seems to help people celebrate.  More about that in a minute.

According to the dictionary, to “celebrate” means to do something special or enjoyable for an important event, occasion, holiday, etc.  And as far as I know, EVERYONE’s life is an endless parade of these important events, occasions, holidays, etc.

For people and for organizations, there will always be another notable event to celebrate.  At the very least we ought to help the festivities, and more is usually better.

That pretty much sums up my attitude. Magnolia Jazz Band I Help People CelebrateSo I help people celebrate!  What a wonderful way to go through life!

Dunno if I’d go so far as saying this is my “calling”, but it focuses how I do what I do.

For example, here we are, back in October 2011, helping the San Francisco Junior League celebrate their annual Home Tour Preview Gala.  That was a spectacular evening for hundreds of guests, and it was an honor to add our music to the excitement.

Every time we entertain somewhere, our music creates the right atmosphere, helping bring everyone into the festive mood.  The music can be the center of attention, like at a concert, or part of the decor, like at a business reception.  Or the music can be part of a surprise!

Whatever the event celebrates, the addition of living, breathing musicians in action raises the level of excitement a notch higher. Because the guests feel this extra energy, they get into the swing of things even more easily. Whatever they’re doing becomes easier, more enjoyable, and they have a wonderful time.

So here’s a tip:  When you plan your next celebration, be sure to include music.  Choose well, of course, and more is usually better.

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