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Enjoy Magnolia Jazz Band wedding music and party music at your Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Formal Banquet, Concert, Fundraiser, Open House, Cocktail Party, Mardi Gras Party, Holiday Party, or Roaring 20s / Downton Abbey / Great Gatsby Party.
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5 Easy Tips: How to Use Us

1.  Select your favorite music.
Make your next party memorable with the popular standards, jazz classics, and Latin favorites.

2.  Select songs to suit every mood:
Romantic, casual, sophisticated, upbeat, danceable — whatever you like! Your jazz band can range from an elegant strolling trio to a swinging dance combo.

3.  Customize your band.
With just a few changes, you can customize a wedding reception mood to suit every gathering.  You can add your personal touch to an intimate cocktail party, or a huge grand opening, and everything in between. 

4.  Read our testimonials.
We’ve been entertaining people since 1975, and we’ve learned that every celebration is unique in some special way.  Read the testimonials on this page, where our fans describe their most memorable musical highlights. You’re sure to find some inspiring ideas for planning your own festivities. 

5.  Preview us in action.
Most of our engagements are private festivities — wedding receptions, company parties, and anniversary celebrations.  But we’re not only live music for a wedding, or a great band for a party.  Each month we create a lively mood at several public events in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Click “Like” to get reminders (on Facebook) for these events.


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