The Personal Touch for a Wedding or a Party

by Robbie Schlosser

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A personal touch makes all the difference.  Really.  In my business, it’s the heart of how and why I do what I do.  Same with you?
First, a story:

Magnolia Jazz Band in San Francisco 2011A recent example:  Here we are last Saturday evening, entertaining at the San Francisco Junior League’s annual Home Tour Preview Gala.  Marisa Roberts is posing with us.  She and Kate Siegel are the gala’s co-chairwomen, and the three of us quickly developed a warm personal connection for working effectively together.

For a very different example, suppose you’re very hungry and need to eat something immediately.  You can hurry to a grocery store to get a loaf of bread.  If all you want is bread, it hardly matters which loaf you get — they’re all the same.

But suppose you want an important personal service.  For example, it’s your wedding and you want a stunning wedding reception with a catered feast, timeless photographs, gorgeous flowers, and music to create a memorable atmosphere for your guests.  You’ll definitely want a personal touch, and selecting some faceless service “off the shelf” just won’t do.

You’ll want to work personally with your wedding coordinator, caterer, photographer, florist, and musician, to customize their services to suit exactly what you’re dreaming for.

This is why I’m doing my best to convey my own personal touch, showing that I’m inviting, helpful, and easy-to-work-with.  How I feel about some important things, and how my feelings influence the way I lead the band and how we work with people.

People often ask me why I don’t post more videos of the band in action, or why I post so many videos and blogs about my personal thoughts.  I usually reply that these personal videos reveal much more about how I help people celebrate their weddings and parties.

I think this is what most people want to know.  The thoughtful ways I help people planning, selecting music, and arranging details for their parties.  It’s not just about the band — what you see and hear — but it’s the personal touch that makes us part of the entire celebration, gives it a special excitement, and helps it come to life.

Bottom Line:  Do you think the same way about YOUR business?  Isn’t it important that you bring a personal touch to what you do?  If so, how are you doing it?

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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