My Birthday Wish for Kay and Arthur

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Today I’m taking a break from writing about music for weddings and parties.  Last August I wished “Happy Birthday” to my sister Barbara, and today is Kay’s and Arthur’s birthday.  Here is their birthday wish from me.

Barbara, Kay, Arthur, Robbie Schlosser, and our father

Barbara, Kay, Arthur, Robbie Schlosser, and our father

Robbie, Barbara, Kay, and Arthur Schlosser  in Berkeley 2009

Robbie, Barbara, Kay, and Arthur Schlosser in Berkeley 2009

Kay and Arthur are my younger sister and brother. Twins. Half the kids in our family.  I’ve always envied and admired both for setting high ambitions and tirelessly pursuing their dreams.

Four years separate us, and all us kids were pretty close before I graduated high school and left home. I went on to live pretty much on my own, as I recall. I returned home occasionally, and we all stayed in touch fairly often.

So except for the first 18 years of my life, my impressions of Kay and Arthur are highlights, rather than details. The three most striking highlights are intellectual achievement, determination, and boundless creativity — qualities I value highly.

Actually, all four of us kids share these qualities, but Kay and Arthur particularly so (click on each name to see some interesting details).

Just for one example, about 25 years ago Kay bought a modest house in the East Bay area. Economical, because it was the poster child for a “handyman’s delight”.  But it suited her budget, so she accepted the challenge, taught herself all about home repairs, and bought some power tools.

Over the last 25 years she personally tackled carpentry, plumbing, electricity, roofing, painting, landscaping, and more, to restore her home herself.  And I could also mention Kay’s many other passions for gardening (particularly for raising orchids), knitting and designing clothing, technical writing, living with Akita dogs, and advocating for every liberal cause around (or so it seems).

All this, in addition to her college training as a scientist, followed by a career as a technician in several university biotechnology laboratories.  What a record!  And I thought leading the same band every day since 1975 kept me busy.

Like Kay, Arthur was trained as a scientist, too. He graduated medical school and went on to a successful career specializing in Pediatrics.  Arthur’s patients love him because he takes care of them, looks like Santa Claus, and has a sense of humor that never quits.

Same as with me, music is one of Arthur’s great passions.  He and I have always been active in bands. In high school, he played saxophone and I played cornet.  In college, he played bassoon in the orchestra, and I played French horn in the concert band.

While I continued as a bandsman, Arthur’s muse led him to a musical career as a songwriter and solo performer.  When he’s not busy with his medical work, or his family, he’s playing piano or guitar, performing his music in coffeehouses and other venues in the Los Angeles area.

In addition, using the stage name “Dean Dobbins”, he successfully led his own award-winning country music band for many years, and he occasionally travels to Nashville to “plug” his compositions.  I remember being SO impressed when jazz great, Carmen McRae, recorded one of Arthur’s songs, “I Need You in my Life“.  Sample it on iTunes.

I’ve admired Kay and Arthur all my life. I’m grateful for the examples they set, and I’m proud to think we might inspire each other.  Burning no bridges behind them, they’re always tackling new projects with passion and purpose.

Happy Birthday, Kay and Arthur, and may each day bring you another happy adventure!

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Wow! what a great family Robbie.I am very happy after knowing that you are two brothers and two sisters. Because we are also four brother-sisters in family. And yes as not all fingers are equal so all siblings are also very different from each other in nature,quality,and many other things. We always admire those persons in our life who had become successful in his life as your younger sister and brother. All persons achieve success in their life according to their ability and quality of doing task. Thanks for sharing some truths about you and your family.


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