Professional Networking Tips for Weddings and Parties

by Robbie Schlosser

Selecting wedding or party music is a lot like Professional Networking.

Many tips I use for networking are also very helpful for planning wedding and party music.

Professional networking is one of the pillars in my marketing strategy.

With professional networking, I aim to keep the Magnolia Jazz Band “top of mind” with all my colleagues.  I aim to have people know me, like me, trust me, and, when the time is right, choose to do business with me.

Besides, I enjoy meeting with everyone often, to keep our relationships fresh and strong, so I attend several professional networking events each month.

Whatever business you’re in, you probably do professional networking, too.

Magnolia Jazz Band Professional Networking Tips for Weddings and PartiesMore about planing music in a minute.  First a story about a networking event, to show you how these skills help planning wedding and party music.

Here’s one networking event I remember well.

My friend, Duncan Reyes, threw another of his famous “Martin Madness” soirees.  A masterful event designer and wedding coordinator, Duncan celebrated his 53rd birthday by inviting every event professional in the San Francisco Bay Area to join his party in a chic SF cocktail lounge.

Here’s a few photos of me, Lolita Wong (of the Lafayette Park Hotel), and Duncan at the beginning of the evening.

What a night!  Maybe a hundred of us showed up, to enjoy food & drink, music, and GREAT conversations with old and new friends.  At the start, we greeted many friends we’ve already worked with, and at the end most of us knew nearly everyone there.

Professional networking events like this are such a gift to our industry.  They help pros like planners & coordinators, caterers, florists, photographers, DJs & musicians all work together more smoothly, more effectively, to please our clients.

Recalling my own experience there, I’m listing a few tips for what seemed to make it so successful.  Many people speak and write about how to work a room, and they list many more tips, but here are four of my favorites.

1.  I plan who to meet.  Ahead of time, I find out who will be attending and I contact them.  Then I prepare a few good stories to share once we’re together.

2. I act like the host.  I feel responsible to help everyone mingle comfortably and meet good contacts.  I smile and introduce myself to someone standing alone.  I introduce newcomers to regulars.

3. I come prepared, with plenty of my business cards.  I tell everyone “Thank you” or “Congratulations” for something they’ve done, and I follow up with everyone the next day.

4. I circulate all evening, meeting as many people as I can.  I aim to share at least a few words with everyone there.  I keep myself bright and upbeat by alternating between serious conversations and brief, light banter.

 See how these tips can help you planning wedding or party music?

1.  PLAN what highlights will need special music during your celebration.

2.  ACT with your guests in mind.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Your celebration will be successful when everyone there has a wonderful time.

3.  PREPARE with a list of your own favorite music, not only songs that suit the occasion, but also songs that you know your guests will enjoy hearing.

4.  CIRCULATE throughout your celebration.  Imagine not only how you want everything to look, but also what you want your guests to be hearing.  Think of all your senses:  What aromas will your guests enjoy?  What flavors will they be tasting?  What textures and temperatures will they be feeling?


Now back to networking, and it’s YOUR turn.  What’s YOUR favorite tip for professional networking?


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Magnolia Jazz Band Professional Networking Tips for Weddings and Parties

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