I Thought I Knew How to Use Social Media

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I began blogging in September 2007.  A few months later I posted a few thoughts about how to use social media, particularly those new online networking programs — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Plaxo (remember that one?).

At the time, I was excited about the prospect of online networking, and expected it would be a great way to be more efficient and effective.

Actively engaging with people on these sites would add to how we share information, ask questions, and get answers.  As we learned how to use social media, each new link would expand our circle of contacts, so more of us could work together.

For those of us who contact lots of people all the time, learning how to use social media would introduce a new way to play the old game.  Or introduce an entirely new game.  Or both.

Well, that’s what I thought then.  My perspective on how to use social media has shifted a little.  I’m not a social media expert, and never will be.  I work as a musician — performing, managing my band, helping people plan their wedding and party music, networking, and discovering how to use social media to market the band.

The world of social media has exploded since 2007.  Facebook and LinkedIn are much more powerful and useful now.  I’ve abandoned Plaxo, but I’m more active on Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest.  Who knows what new opportunities will come along tomorrow?

These days, my blog IS my website.  Despite the dramatic growth in social media, I’ve come to regard my blog as the hub of all this online activity.

In other words, all the contacts I establish on Facebook and all the rest ultimately wind up as traffic to my blog.  And all along the way, I invite people to call or email me to either leave me a comment, ask me a question, or (whenever the time is right) reserve the band for their next celebration.

Five years from now, this assessment will probably seem hopelessly naive,  However, these days, I believe the blog is “where it’s at”, and everything else serves to drive traffic to the blog.  For marketing my band, Facebook and the rest are “the means”, and my blog is “the end”.

How about YOU?  How do YOU use social media?  As the “best practices” keep changing, is your blog “the tail” or “the dog”?


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