Health Benefits of Cinnamon

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Bunch's Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Apple

On a personal note, my wife loves oatmeal, especially with cinnamon on top.

I know eating oatmeal is healthful, but what are the benefits of cinnamon? Anybody?

Every morning I wake up Bunch with a cup of coffee and a cup of freshly-made oatmeal. Yeah, right, what a guy!

Thanks to The Bright Side, for this beautiful photo. One of these days, I’ll start adding some apple to the oatmeal.

Beside the cup, I always put an envelope of sweetener (which may be hazardous) and a shaker of cinnamon (which might be a wonderful remedy for her diabetes, if she had any).

Bunch never asked me about the benefits of cinnamon, but I’m curious.  So this morning I set out to discover what I’m actually doing to my poor wife with all this cinnamon every day.

Some years ago I studied nutrition.  That was before they invented DNA, so lots of what I learned must be out of date by now, and I need to catch up.

I’m no medical or health expert, but I am curious.  I know how Google works, and I’m not afraid to use it!

For a little research project like this, Wikipedia’s entry on “Cinnamon” is usually my first stop. I understand that Wikipedia entries are continually rechecked for accuracy and updated, so I trust the information I find there.

I learned about cinnamon’s History, Cultivation, Uses, Nutritional Value, as well as Medicinal Effects and much more.

After all this, what about the benefits of cinnamon?  Well, in addition to helping to control diabetes, blood pressure, ulcers, and a few other things, cinnamon might have some anti-viral action, that might help combat HIV and some cancers.

It’s all very unclear — nothing remarkably good or bad.

I found no reference to any serious hazards from a cinnamon overdose, so it looks like we’ll continue dosing Bunch’s oatmeal with cinnamon.

Can’t hurt, might help.

How about YOU?  Do you enjoy eating cinnamon?  What other spices do you like?  Have you ever looked into their health benefits?

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Thanks for reading this article. I appreciate your interest and hope you get a few good ideas here. Got one or two? I'd love to hear what you liked. Please write me a little COMMENT below. Start a conversation -- I'll reply. Promise.

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